The Spirit of Zephyr Aviation

The aviation industry attracts trailblazers and go-getters. There is nothing stagnant about this field; things are constantly in motion, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Aviators have never been intimated by challenges. Instead, we embrace them. We devise new solutions to bridge gaps and bring people together.

William Arthur Ward coined the phrase: mountains are created to be conquered, adversities are designed to be defeated, problems are sent to be solved. Over the years, this quote really stuck with me. Aviation presents obstacles from start to finish. There’s no way to avoid the challenges, so we dive into them. It’s not an easy route. Getting to the airlines requires sacrifice. Countless hours of studying, energy, and effort are necessary to pass a checkride. On top of that, there’s a daunting 1500-hour requirement to earn your ATP certificate.

I personally loved the additional challenge of being a flight instructor. Teaching presents countless opportunities for growth. I enjoyed learning new skills, including patience and communication, to help my students thrive. From the classroom to the cockpit, I’ve always been in a state of evolution. And that’s true for all of us in this field. As we progress through our careers, we continuously encounter new challenges. Whether we are working toward a part 121 recurrent checkride or new type rating, there’s always another goal to chase. And each one results in the same sense of accomplishment, despite a few pre-exam jitters.

2020 was one of the most difficult times ever faced by the airline industry. But we did not lose hope. This was a challenge like nothing I’d ever seen before, so I set out to follow a dream that had been brewing for years. At the height of the pandemic, I launched Zephyr Aviation. The idea for a pilot wallet started long before we built this company from the ground up. At first, I made one for myself, then shared it with coworkers who expressed interest. In 2020, I turned my vision into a professional service offered to thousands of pilots.

We are proud of our resilient spirit at Zephyr. In line with the desire to overcome challenges, we pressed forward during a moment of crisis. We overcame the difficulties presented to us because we believed our product could help people. Also, we are eternally grateful to those who supported us in the beginning and helped us spread our wings. We have been able to continue this mission because of the incredible folks who believed in us from the start.

With this philosophy in mind, we will continue to search for clear skies in the midst of any challenges that arise. Our goal is to uphold the spirit of innovation, rising above adversity to create better products every day. We will uphold our core values of providing well-built, dependable products made from quality materials. We hope that you share our passion for design, creativity, and utility. We will proudly provide products to enhance your adventures for years to come!

Written by Max S.

Edited by Lisa W.

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