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Versatile Design

The Globetrotter holds multiple required documents and international essentials. Features include: a large cash storage that is guaranteed to fit any global currency, a Passport slot, two FAA ID slots, a slot for your medical (or another passport, if preferred) four credit card slots, and one pen holder with a brand-new pen included.

Handmade Leather

Handmade from premium Italian Leather. Vegetable-tanned option available. Each Globetrotter wallet comes with its own unique and vibrant accent color. Color combinations include: Black/Red, Black/Grey, Brown/Light tan, and Castagna Brown (which is vegetable-tanned). Click to see how our leather is made.

Included Pen

International travels often require hand-written customs forms. Locating a pen among all your gear can be inconvenient and time-consuming. To simplify your travels, we have included a pen in a secure spot. Your new Globetrotter pen, included with each purchase, is made in Germany. The stainless steel design provides a solid grip without adding any extra bulk to your wallet.

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Slim Profile

The Globetrotter also has space for a second passport, your medical certificate, or an alternate form of identification. Two additional storage slots, located directly under the main flap, hold your credit cards and any other desired materials. This wallet meets the highest standards of efficiency and utilitarianism, allowing you to trek the globe with ease. 

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Unique Storage

The unique design allows for storage of four credit cards, and the incognito storage of your pilot documents underneath. If you are looking to travel with just one wallet, then this is the solution for you.

Hidden Display

Dual slots on the inside flap display two forms of identification. This is an ideal location location for your FAA card and government-issued ID. The bi-fold design allows quick to access your passport. Beside this flap, you will find a slot large enough to fit all types of currency. A built-in strap near the edge of the wallet secures your pen (included with purchase). The pen fits snugly, remaining firmly in place even with the wallet closed. 


Cavernous storage allows for all currency types to fit in the cash slot. The unique design allows for storage of four credit cards, and the incognito storage of your pilot documents underneath.

Canadian Aviators can use the second full size slot to hold their credentials from Transport Canada!

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