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Q: Where is my product? I received an email with a tracking number but no status updates.

A: We send out the email with tracking information as soon as we start working on your order. Engravings are a custom process, and take extra time to complete, usually about 3-5 days depending on complexity. Engravings are done on a first come, first serve basis. Ordering expedited shipping does not mean your wallet will skip ahead in line and be engraved first, it simply means faster shipping speed via our shipping partners.
Depending on our workload, engraving orders take an average of 7-10 days to arrive at your doorstep.

Q: May I get the engravings done in a color other than black?

A: We use a 30 watt laser to engrave each order into the leather. At this point in time, black is the only option. 

Q: Where does the engraving go? 

A: Wherever you want! By default we engrave on the first page of the wallet, front and center. By request, we can place it wherever you like.

Q: May I have a company logo engraved?

A: If you have access/permission/ownership of the logo, yes. We do not have the rights to use artwork belonging to the airlines, we are working on gaining access to this, but it is a lengthy process.



Q: What is the difference between the Aviator PRO II and the Pilot Identity Case (P.I.C.)

A: The key difference between these two products is size. The P.I.C. folds to the size of a credit card and you can fit it into a shirt pocket, or small headset bag. The compromise here is that the P.I.C. does not carry a passport. The Aviator PRO II is the full-size solution with more storage and the capability to carry a passport. When folded it is the size of a standard passport.

Q: Why won't my Medical fit?

A: It is O.K. to trim your medical as long as you stay outside the solid black lines. You may fold it on the dotted line as indicated as well. A vast majority of medical certificates printed by doctor's offices fit into our wallets. There are occasional oddities where the medical certificate is printed larger and will not fit. In these circumstances, you may ask the doctor's office to print a re-size, or make an M shaped fold along the edge. For questions about this, please email us at

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