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Meet The Team

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Max S.



A DePaul University alumnus, Max studied History and Law in college. Aviation was a great way to combine his love for traveling, history, and aeronautics. Max learned to fly, and subsequently taught, at ATP Flight School in Chicago. He has been a pilot for seven years. During that time, he had the opportunity to backpack through Europe. This was when Max developed a deep-seated appreciation for functional, appealing travel gear. Zephyr Aviation is the compilation of Max’s inventive spirit and his affinity for versatile travel-themed accessories. Max pours his heart into each wallet he designs. He is proud to supply masterful and effective products to his fellow travel aficionados. 


Lisa W.

Web Content Editor

A flight attendant for over a decade, Lisa W. has written 12 articles for her airline’s critical incident team and helped revise the 500-page, FAA-approved Flight Attendant Manual. In January of 2020, Lisa published her first full-length romance novel. Lisa’s passion for writing and innovation brought her to Zephyr, where she enjoys describing the subtle sophistication of these handcrafted products.

Travis O.



​Although Travis started flying in 2008, his love for aviation began long before then. Travis has always been fascinated by the industry’s scientific advancements and the freedom aviation offers to humanity. After earning a Bachelors in Engineering from the University of North Texas, he worked in the manufacturing sector. Travis was responsible for a variety of endeavors ranging from oilfield equipment to micro G meters. One project included a 120-mile roundtrip commute, which allowed him to justify buying his own plane. That airplane turned out to be the best investment he ever made in his aviation career and overall happiness. It wasn't long before the commute became the best part of his day, so Travis enrolled in flight school. He joined an accelerated program and earned 6 certificates in one year. Travis brings boundless enthusiasm and a plethora of knowledge to the Zephyr crew.

Smiling Man

Nathan J.

Designer/Technician/Recreational Pilot

Nathan is a Lab Technician for a renowned firm that tests the latest products and technologies for safety before they are marketed around the world. A designer and part-time volunteer at the University of Chicago Genetic Services Laboratory. A well-rounded and talented individual .

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Professionalism is an integral part of aviation. Whether fertilizing farms in the Midwest, performing a downtown aerial tour, or crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a jetliner, flight crews need to remain organized and in control. We must be able to prove, on demand, that we are fit and able to fly. 

The first pilot wallet I designed was not tied to an aspirational business venture. I simply wanted to ease my nerves when flying with students. As an instructor, I needed an efficient way to display my credentials. Many of my colleagues secured their documents haphazardly. These crucial items were held together with rubber bands, Ziploc bags, or flimsy plastic ID holders. In an effort to construct a better system, I created my own wallet.

Later, when I began my first airline job at SkyWest, I had to present my documents even more often. Thanks to my recent innovation, this was easy to accomplish. Before leaving on a trip, one quick glance in the mirror revealed my wallet tucked safely into the pocket of my shirt. I was able to check that off my list and fly with confidence. 

Because of its sleek design and practicality, my wallet drew a lot of attention. Many Captains asked about my unique “pilot wallet,” which would come to be known as the P.I.C. 

Fueled by the excitement of one particular Captain (she bought five on a trip to Savannah, GA), I decided to turn my passion project into a full-fledged business. I wanted to partner with professionals who would take pride in the creation of every single wallet. This journey led me to source materials from a family-owned tannery in Florence, Italy, thus ensuring the highest standards of quality and unrivaled attention to detail. 

I want to thank my customers for helping turn my experiment into a successful company. With the support of fellow aviation professionals, I will continue designing compact and efficient products that allow us to fly with ease. Next up, I’m working on an organizer for Flight Attendants. Stay tuned for more amazing products that will simplify your life. 

Safe Travels,


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