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Artisan Quality Professional Travel Companion 

Bifold Design

The Voyager is ideal for travel enthusiasts of all types. Its compact design merges

minimalist ideals with old-fashioned, rustic charm. This durable wallet holds your

pilot license, medical, passport, company ID, and several personal documents.

Plant-based methods are used to tan the leather, ensuring superior quality and

textural appeal. 

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather is the oldest tanning process known to humankind. Natural plant extracts, derived from tree bark, produce thick leather with a unique finish. The leather  ages with a unique patina, and has an inimitable aroma and quality.

Sustainable & Classic

Each batch of vegetable-tanned leather takes up to two months to complete. The process is steeped in tradition. It is also eco-friendly, The discharge from the process of vegetable tanned leather is not harmful to the environment.  In addition, every Voyager wallet is shipped in a container made from recycled materials.

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Vegetable tanned leather products are typically used in applications such as holsters and saddlebags. This type of leather has a tendency to wear better. Over time your Voyager wallet will collect a distinguishing patina, complete with many special memories from your travels. 

Voyager composition.jpg

The Voyager was created for aviators who value sophistication as much as practicality. This wallet embraces simplicity and elegance, keeping your travel documents in order so you can enjoy the adventures ahead.

Voyager Checkerboard.jpg
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