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Designed by a former CFI and current airline pilot, the Aviator PRO displays your most important documents effortlessly. This hand-crafted, tri-fold wallet makes jumpseating, border entries, and check rides that much easier.


Our mission is to provide high-quality products that are durable, stylish, and practical. For this reason, we proudly source our leather from Florence, Italy. We encourage you to test the leather. The natural aroma will flood your senses.


Each handmade wallet has a center slot, ideal for stowing a passport and three cards. This slot will fit your credit cards, Global Entry, or identification cards. The Aviator PRO’s left flap offers storage space for a medical document. It also folds open to reveal additional storage space.

Aviator PRO II Concorde White

  • Width Folded = 4 Inches (10 CM)

    Width Unfolded = 12 Inches (30 CM)

    Height = 5.3 Inches (13.5 CM)

    Thickness = .3 Inches (1 CM)