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Designed to give you peace of mind and security by using the best location finder system in existence! The Aviator PRO II AirTag offers additional functionality by adding a dedicated and discreet pouch for your AirTag .  In addition to the AirTag pouch we have added a handy slot for quick access spare cash on the back, accesible without ever having to unfold your wallet.


Disclaimer: The AirTag in its pouch will naturally add some bulk to your Aviator PRO II and if kept in close quarters may press into your medical and leave an indentation.

We care about making high quality products that we are proud to carry. So we sourced our leather from Florence, Italy. The leather we use is soft, durable, and finely crafted. We encourage you to do a smell test, The aroma is captivating! 


Each wallet is made by hand.  The center slot acts as a holster for your Passport and allows the storage of three cards, which may be credit cards, Global Entry, or identification cards. The left slot which stores the medical folds open to reveal one more storage slot.

Aviator PRO II AirTag JetBlack

  • Width Folded = 4 Inches (10 CM)

    Width Unfolded = 12 Inches (30 CM)

    Height = 5.3 Inches (13.5 CM)

    Thickness = .3 Inches (1 CM)